Field Sales & Research Services

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FMS provides national and regional sales teams that focus on your sales objectives with direct sales visits to retail outlets. Using high calibre field representatives to ensure your sales and product information is at the focus of counter staff and retail manager attention.

Product positioning and placement can make all the difference in a competitive market place. We meticulously check your product range according to your specification and rectify non-compliance where appropriate. Increasing profile and presence across the UK where and when you want it.

Promotions, Product Launches & Sampling

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Sampling comes in lots of different ways, at lots of different locations. FMS operates sampling and promotional activity on mainline railway stations, motorway service stations and football grounds, with small and large teams that create high visibility at events.

On Location Communications

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FMS offers a first-hand understanding of information from the front-line.

We analyse current price positioning and your commercial situation by On Location footprint and customer flow analysis. 

Supported by mystery shopping, focus group and face-to-face interviews to uncover hidden intelligence that provide retailers and marketeers with up-to-the-minute recommednataions for developing commercial opportunities and customer flow and behaviour.

Reporting Business Intelligence 

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FMS provides reliable accurate data based on a local and national scale. We provide precise responses and insights based on the research and information set-out in your objectives.

The data presented can help you schedule and implement marketing campaigns, buy ad space, verify the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and plan future promotions. Enabling you to make decisions to maximise your return-on-investment. 

We support you with business insight that decision-makers need to enhance their competitive position and bottom line.

Reports, brochure stock audits, competitor positioning, historical market data and detailed information on your brands or company, are available as part of our overall process.

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